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South Park Animal Hospital

Grey cat sitting in the grass



At South Park Animal Hospital we use low-stress techniques for better veterinary visits.

Small cat/kitten being carried in yellow pocket

Waiting Area

From the very beginning of your visit, your pet will be treated kindly, gently, and with empathy. We begin by bringing your pet into the exam room as quickly as possible. This minimizes the time spent around animals that are unfamiliar to your companion.

Elderly dog receiving pets outside in a park with person

Exam Room

We start by taking time to address all of your questions and concerns. We provide toys and treats for dogs and cats to minimize stress. We use calming pheromones, spread through scent, to help your pet relax. Larger dogs are examined on the floor to maximize their comfort. Smaller dogs and cats are given towels and no-slip mats for the exam table. We always use special precautions with instruments – from needles to thermometers. Cats are weighed in the exam room to limit their exposure to dogs.

A calico cat looking up meowing on a hardwood floor

Treatment Area

Felines are housed in a separate ward, which is complete with calming classical music, pheromones, and side-by-side kennels that limit exposure to unfamiliar animals. We always use low-stress handling techniques, and we prioritize their well-being through a holistic approach to their experience. You and your pet will leave knowing that your experience was truly valued throughout your entire visit!


To low-stress visits.

Dogs and cats are unique. They behave differently, think differently, and they have different stressors. We believe it is oh-so-important to pay attention to what makes your pet happy, healthy, and in the right conditions to receive exceptional healthcare.

We are one of the only vet hospitals in all of Austin with a...


When you arrive at South Park Animal Hospital, you'll see two separate entrances...

one for canines, and one for felines. In 2017, we remodeled and opened our feline wing, and we could not be more proud of it. We are one of the first and only hospitals in the area to provide feline patients with a hospital ward of their own. Your cat will receive a truly tailored visit according to their species. This means that potential stressors are limited to an incredible degree. We believe the love you share with your companion is precious, and we will always protect it the best way we know how.

A cat sitting on an elegant chair


You’re a cat. You’re so awesome, people used to actually worship you. And maybe that’s gone to your head a little bit, but still, you don’t ask for much. You just want to be pampered. You want to be loved. You wanted to be treated with a certain, let’s say, dignity. Or maybe obedience is a better word. And, of course, you never want to see, smell, or otherwise sense those darn canines. That’s why you love South Park. We get you. So go ahead feline friend, hop up on your throne.