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South Park Animal Hospital

$50 Off Dental Cleanings! 

We want to promote good dental hygiene year-round!  You no longer have to wait until National Pet Dental Health Month in February to take advantage of our dental cleaning promo.


If your veterinarian recommends a dental cleaning and pre-anesthetic bloodwork for your pet, and you schedule the cleaning within 30 days of the recommendation, we will offer you $50 off your pet's dental cleaning.  

  Your pet's dental cleaning includes a complete dental cleaning, scaling and polishing, full mouth x-rays, IV and fluids, vitals monitoring, and post-anesthesia care.  

Additional costs may be incurred if your pet needs pre-anesthetic bloodwork or tooth extractions.  

Not sure if your pet needs a dental cleaning? 

Ask your vet during your next appointment, or call us today to see if you qualify for a FREE Dental Assessment!  


Not redeemable for cash.